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  • November 27th- December 24th, See's Candies, Yuba Sutter Mall, Yuba City
  • Saturday, Dec 5th, Adoption Site Petco, Yuba City
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Breed-Based Activities for Dogs
Jacque Lynn Schultz, C.P.D.T., Companion Animal Programs Adviser. National Outreach
There was a time when every dog had a job. The border collie herded sheep, and the komondor guarded them. The Siberian husky moved the men of the North, while the Alaskan malamute hauled freight. Depending on geography and game, any number of breeds helped bring home dinner. Meanwhile, back at the homestead, terriers kept busy chasing the fox out of the henhouse and exterminating any vermin that crossed their path.

Today, unemployment has hit the dog world hard. And without work, all too many of our canine companions occupy themselves with destructive chewing and digging. They liven up their days with choruses of barks and howls, and generally worry themselves into a dither. In other words, they are bored and under-exercised! The solution is increased exercise and structured play.

A walk around the block or a ten-minute romp in the backyard several times a day is minimal exercise, and is not enough to meet the average dog's needs. Active breeds (dogs from the sporting, herding, hound, and terrier groups, northern breeds, or any mixtures of these) and virtually all adolescents (dogs who are six to 18 months old) require much, much more.

Brisk on-leash jogging, race walking, or strolling several miles can tire out Bonkers. Playing Frisbee or retrieving a tennis ball in a fenced-in enclosure is wonderful aerobic exercise. Road working your dog by bicycle or in-line skates can tire out the likes of just about any boxer or Doberman.

Make sure you have veterinary approval for any of these high-level activities, especially if your dog has been the neighborhood couch potato lately. Start slowly in order to build up your dog's stamina, strengthen his muscles, and toughen the pads of his feet.

If your canine is dog friendly, the neighborhood dog run is the urban owner's best friend. What could be better than a safe, fenced-in area where your dog can run off-leash with his own kind? But it is important to be sure that you are able to call your dog out of the play group (and that your dog will respond appropriately) in case there is an emergency and everyone needs to swiftly get hold of his or her own dog.

Structured Play
Base your play on the jobs your dog's forefathers used to perform. Most golden and Labrador retrievers, for example, are naturals at water retrieving tennis balls or nubby rubber bumpers. Corgis and border collies are in seventh heaven when herding a giant boomer ball. Bichons frises and Maltese delight in trick training. Beagles will excel at biscuit hunts around your property.

Many dogs enjoy a rousing game of tug of war, but beware: teaching a dog that he is stronger than you can be hazardous to your health! If the dog growls in a menacing manner (as opposed to a play growl) or stiffly stands over the tug toy and snarls, abort the game. This activity is not appropriate for your dog. Perhaps he'll do better with one of the many food-dispensing toys on the market. Make him work for his breakfast kibbles!

Remember that as the leader you must always be in control of these games—when, where, and for how long Bonkers gets to play. Increasing your exercise time together may just add a sparkle to the eye and a spring to the step for both of you!

Have you tried on your fall/winter wardrobe and it is too snug or maybe even too big?  If so,  Consider donating your clothing to the Thrift Shop.  We need new and very gently used winter clothing as well as purses and shoes.  Your closet cleaning could make a difference in the life of a pet.  We accept donations Tuesday - Saturday from 10am - 4:30pm.  We appreciate your donations and we will provide you a tax deductible receipt.
Pets and people had a howling good time at the First Annual Sutter Buttes Canine Rescue Pet Costume Parade.

Saturday afternoon went to the dogs. There were dogs dressed in unusual and very interesting costumes.  We had a mailman, bride and groom; three legged dog dressed as a cowgirl, pumpkins, ladybugs, Super dog  and just about any costume you could dream up.  This first year event will become an annual fundraiser.  There was something for everyone at this event.

The children had fun at the game area and face painting was offered too. A bake sale, raffle prizes and a professional photographer was on site to shoot photos of the costumed pooches.

The weather was perfect and the dogs seemed to enjoy parading their favorite costumes. 3rd place went to a dachsund dressed up as the mailman, 2nd prize went to a dog dressed as a cowgirl, and the 1st prize winner was a pug painted like a pumpkin. Prizes for funniest, most outrageous and scariest were also given out.
We would like to thank the following sponsors who helped to make this event possible.
Cal State Laminates, Countertops Unlimited, Butacavolli Industries, Superior Radiator, SPCA, Petco, Miss Charolotte's Pampered Pets and Kinney Electric.
"Dedicated To Placing Unwanted Dogs In Loving  Homes"
Yuba Sutter Mall


The rescue has suffered a great loss of a wonderful volunteer.  Jean lost her battle with brain cancer on September 19th, 2011.  She was in her home surrounded by her loving family.  Jean volunteered with the rescue for the past 7 years and is the Mother of Theresa who currently manages the Thrift Shop. Jean  loved animals.
Your Holiday Meals Can Help Our Homeless Furry Friends!
S.H.A.R.E.S. stands for Supporting Humanities, Arts, Recreation, Education & Sports in our community. The S.H.A.R.E.S. card program is an easy and efficient way to fund-raise.
Sutter Buttes Canine Rescue will receive the benefits of a quarterly check for your SHARE qualified purchases.  These SHARE cards can  be used at Food Maxx or Savemart here in Yuba City or Marysville.  There is no cost to you.  Pick up your card at our Thrift Shop, located at 855 Gray Avenue.  Everytime you shop at Food Maxx or Savemart, have the Cashier slide your SHARE card at the time of your purchase and you will directly be helping our furry friends.  It's easy!  Just pick up a card and start using it today.  If you have any questions, please stop by our Thrift Shop or call 530-755-2025 for more information.  Thank you for your continued support

She volunteered many hours at the Thrift Shop and also assisted with the See's Candies Fundraiser at the Yuba Sutter Mall.  To know her was to love her.  Her cute little spicy smile and her elegant Southern personality would just melt your heart.  She was the type of person you were drawn to, someone you looked forward to seeing and sharing a story with.  She had a smile for everyone and went out of her way to assist the customers and help the rescue.  Perhaps you remember her and hopefully she left a memorable place in your heart like she did ours.  So when you go in the Thrift Shop or the See's Candies Fundraising shop, think of her and mention her and feel welcome to share a story.  You will be dearly missed Jean, but always fondly remembered.  Your presence continues  to be felt in our hearts and in our  daily activities within the rescue.  Our furry friends will miss you most of all.  We love you.