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Have you tried on your  winter wardrobe and it is too snug or maybe even too big?  If so,  Consider donating your clothing to the Thrift Shop.  We need new and very gently used  Spring and Summer clothing as well as purses and shoes.  Your closet cleaning could make a difference in the life of a pet.  We accept donations Tuesday - Saturday from 10am - 4:30pm.  We appreciate your donations and we will provide you a tax deductible receipt.
"Dedicated To Placing Unwanted Dogs In Loving  Homes"
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Meet Koda.  She is such a low-key sweet girl.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason, she gets overlooked when people come to adopt a dog.  She has been with us for a long time and she needs to desperately find a loving home.  She would make a great ranch dog or even a companion dog.  She is alert so very watchful of her surroundings.  We feel she would do best as an only dog, as some dogs just get on her nerves, just like people.  She has spent the night with one of our volunteers and she said that Koda has great house manners and is potty trained.  She will show her playful side and does listen well.  She is good on a leash and will travel anywhere you want her to go.  Please consider this sweet dog. 


Santa Paws Tree is Up and Accepting, Durable Dog toys, large and medium dog beds & Cash donations, Thrift Shop, 855 Gray Ave, YC
Do you enjoy posting pictures on social media sites?  Do you like to write?  If you do, our dogs need you!  We are looking for someone to post pictures on our Facebook page and various other animal adoption sites.  These pictures and write-ups are essential for getting our furry friends adopted.    If you can spare a few hours a week, please speak with Theresa at our Thrift Shop, located at 855 Gray Avenue, in Yuba City.  We will work around your schedule and after you become familiar with the system, this could be done from home.  You can also call us at 530-755-2025
  The Thrift Shop 
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Homeless Dogs
S.H.A.R.E.S. stands for Supporting Humanities, Arts, Recreation, Education & Sports in our community. The S.H.A.R.E.S. card program is an easy and efficient way to fund-raise.
Sutter Buttes Canine Rescue will receive the benefits of a quarterly check for your SHARE qualified purchases, at Food Maxx or Savemart here in Yuba City or Marysville.  There is no cost to you.  Register online  and everytime you shop at Food Maxx or Savemart, have the Cashier enter your phone number at the time of your purchase and you will directly be helping our furry friends.  It's easy!  Just register today.

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If you have any questions, please stop by our Thrift Shop or call 530-755-2025 for more information.  Thank you for your continued support

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Can Help Homeless Dogs

All proceeds benefit the Shelter!
Why Do We Have Adoption Fees?

  • Spaying and neutering
  • Vaccinations, including Distemper, Kennel Cough, Parvo, and Rabies and De-wormer.
  • Food and Shelter.   This includes providing shelter, blankets, dog houses, food, with some dogs requiring special food for special diets. Also, we provide toys and treats.
  • Flea control, grooming supplies, and bathing.
  • Medical Care and Medications, which can be quite costly to the Rescue.  We frequently use eye medications, ear medications, skin medications, intestinal medications and also we provide x-rays when needed and any emergency or any other needed medical attention when  necessary. The cost to provide care for just one dog can be anywhere between $150.00-$500.00, and depending upon the particular situation, possibly more. This of course does not include costs involved in maintaining the rescue, maintenance and other day to day operational costs.  Please remember, we do not receive Federal or State Funding.  The adoption fees we charge allow us to to continue to care for these animals. 

A common question among adopters is why do we have adoption fees?  Shouldn't the dogs be free or at least discounted because they are rescue dogs?  When you adopt a dog from our Shelter, your fees are helping with the continious costs involved in the care of the dog.  These costs typically include, but are not limited to:
"Harley needs your help attaching photos to media sites and writing stories"


House Training Dogs & Puppies
"article from petfinder site"
Sue Sternberg
The key to training your dog to eliminate outside (where you want him to) is to prevent accidents, and to reward success. Adult dogs have better bladder and bowel control, and can “hold it” for a longer period of time than puppies. The rule of thumb with puppies is to take their age in months, add one, and that’s the number of hours the puppy can “hold it” during the day (i.e. A four-month-old puppy can be expected to be clean for up to five hours during the day).
Here are some simple steps to help you and your dog find success!

Feed your dog on a schedule (he’ll eliminate on a schedule, too).
Keep his diet simple and consistent (avoid table scraps and canned foods; a high quality dry kibble produces the least waste).
Choose an area, about ten square feet, outside, where you wish your dog to potty.
Take your dog on leash to the area, pace back and forth (movement promotes movement) and chant an encouraging phrase (“do your business, do your business “).
Do this for no more than three minutes:
if he eliminates, give huge amounts of praise and play.
if he doesn’t eliminate, keep him on leash, go back indoors, keep dog on leash with you or confined in a crate.
Try again in an hour; eventually your dog will eliminate appropriately and you can
give huge amounts of praise and play.
REMEMBER! Do not punish accidents! Ignore them, and reward success!
Photo courtesy of petfinder
Receive 50% off on Grooming
       When You Adopt A Pet
Our Friends at "Love Me Tender Pet Grooming"
have been kind enough to offer a (one-time) 50%
off grooming when you adopt a pet from us.
Photo Cred Good Dog
   Don't let your pet drink the water in the Christmas Tree holder, as it harbors bacteria and can make your pet sick
    Tinsel on trees are attractive to pets and if ingested can cause serious gastrointestinal problems, even blockage.
   Don't leave candles in low areas, pets can knock them over and burn themselves, or even cause a house fire.
   Keep wires and ornaments out of your pets reach, (if possible, don't put them on the bottom branches); your pet could suffer electrocution or ingest an ornament. 
    Keep your pets away from sweet treats, especially chocolate.  Xylitol is an artificial sweetener which can be dangerous for your pet. 
    Spicy, fatty foods or foods with bones should NEVER be given to your pet. Make sure garbage is completely out of pets reach.
    Make sure to keep cocktails out of your pets reach, as they can cause serious illness to your pet, including death. 
    If you plan to give your pet a Christmas Treat, make sure that you buy durable dog toys that are indestructible.  No ribbons or loose parts that your pet can ingest.
    Remember to tell your guests to keep their medications in a safe place, zipped up, where Rover can't get to them.
    Make sure your pet has a quiet, secure place to go.  Some pets get very nervous at holidays, with people coming and going and it can cause stress in your pet.
    As you count down to the new year, remember confetti and poppers can be very dangerous if swallowed.  Loud noises, fireworks and horns can terrify pets and also cause  hearing problems. 
    Train your furry friend to stay back from the fireplace.  Embers can pop out and injure your pet and even the fireplace screen can reach temperatures that can burn your pet if they rub against it. 

Every dog should wake up on Christmas morning in a warm bed, with a toy and a twinkle in their eye.  We are reaching out to you for your help. 
Our Santa Paws Tree is up and accepting donations thru December 24th, 2018.  We are asking for durable dog toys, such as kongs, etc.  We are also asking for Medium and Large dog beds and Gift Certificates to Pet Stores.  Cash donations are always needed and appreciated.  You can bring your donations to our Thrift Shop at 855 Gray avenue in Yuba City.  Just place them under the "santa paws tree".  If you have a monetary donation, please see one of our cashiers.  We appreciate your support and without you, we could not continue our mission of placing homeless dogs into loving homes. 
Photo credit to Wings Of Freedom Animal Rescue